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We have the labor you need.

Whether you need to find staffing for your operation, or you'd like to eliminate your full-burdened labor cost by "flipping" your current staff to us, we can find a solution that works best for you.

A fully diversified labor staffing partner

With contacts across six regional offices and a database exceeding 5,000 names, DSC and StanHurst are here to serve industry leaders in nearly every operation.

Coal Mining (Underground & Surface)

Non-coal mining (Trona, Gold, Salt, Limestone, etc)


Machine Shops/Manufacturing

Equipment Operators


Oil & Gas




Don't see your industry here?

It's not a problem! If there are people willing to work in your organization, we'll find them for you.

Contact the office nearest you to speak with a consultant today!


Let us worry about the acronyms.

Simply put, we completely manage every cost your company incurs to employ your labor force. Pretty awesome right?

You Pay

One simple billing rate.

Negotiated through our standard consulting process.

We pay for everything else

  • FICA - Federal Insurance Contribution Act
  • FUTA - Federal Unemployment Tax Act
  • SUTA - State Unemployment Tax
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance & Umbrella Insurance
  • Pre-Employment Testing (Background checks, drug screens, testing, etc.)
  • Employer Portion Health Insurance
  • And much more; recruiting labor, advertising, training labor, human resources labor, payroll processing, direct deposit fees, office supplies, postage...