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Tired of feeling alone in your job search?

Let us help you find employment in one of the industries we serve. We are your "foot in the door" and employment partner.

Earn a Living with DSC & StanHurst

We offer opportunities to succeed in the labor market and offer a real jump start to your career path.

  • Work for Us
    Employed through DSC & StanHurst, but placed within our partner organizations.
  • Benefits packages
    DSC & StanHurst offer several tiers of health care packages to all employees.
  • Permanant Placement
    Annually, 30+% of DSC & StanHurst employees are hired by our customers after proving themselves on the job while working for us.
  • Job stability
    Because we work across many industries, we're able to find new opportunities quickly when old ones dry up.
  • Learning opportunities
    Gain experience in new industries.
  • Career Advancement
    Find opportunities to move into management or earn new credentials.
  • Fulfilling Work
    We strive to find a position that best suits employees' skills and do our best to advance them as they succeed.
  • Safety & Environmental
    Earn training and choose positions in safer environments.
  • Industry Experience
    Earn new experience through diverse employment placements.

How it Works


Apply for a Job

Complete an online application for a job found in our Job Seekers Marketplace. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by our management team.


Interview & Hiring

Qualified candidates are invited to interview with a regional manager. Wages and insurance will be discussed.

If hired, job duties and requirements will be discussed, new hire paperwork and medical insurance forms will be completed, and safety equipment may be assigned.



New employees complete the training necessary for their new position.


Employer Placement

Upon successful completion of the hiring process, employees are assigned a position that best suites their qualifications.